On World Entrepreneurs’ Day, we explore how flexible workspace is optimising businesses

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We ask business-owners what flexible working means to them and their teams


How did you celebrate World Entrepreneur’s Day this year? Probably by doing what you do most days – flying through your to-do list, tackling unforeseen challenges, and filling up your calendar – doing your best to balance professional and personal commitments. We hear you.
Since today is all about recognising entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation all over the world, we decided to check in with some of the wonderful business-owners who use Regus and its sister brand Spaces. Here, they tell us what they’re working on – and why they choose to keep things flexible.


Ratna Singh
Director and CEO, Eventus Communications
Regus Andheri Kurla
Times Square, Mumbai

“Eventus has its head office in Ahmedabad, and is slowly shifting its base to Mumbai. We’re a cybersecurity solutions and services provider with a vision to expand within the Pan Indian and Singapore region within a year, and we’re a team of 10.

“The future will have a flexible work culture with people working from anywhere – the coworking scene is growing fast in Mumbai, as it offers a self-contained unit, and removes the headache of finding a receptionist, printer, scanner and so on. Regus has a professional culture and a clean set-up, and work concentration among the team is fantastic.”

Regus Andheri Kurla, Times Square, Mumbai


Koji Bamba,
Regus Shiodome Centre

“We are in the port, warehousing and real-estate businesses, and my job mainly involves planning new projects, financing, and checking progress.

“To me, flexible working is about refusing to be stuck with a fixed concept, constantly adapting, and being ready to take on new challenges. With today’s fast-paced social and economic changes, flexible workspace is necessary for making sure businesses don’t miss new opportunities.

“Our decision to use Regus was triggered by information from our officers in Africa. The deciding factor was that Regus Centres were easy to use, and that staff could handle our reception and mail when our team members were absent. Thanks to the staff, our team is able to focus on our work.”

Regus Shiodome Centre, Tokyo 


Elle McIntosh
Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Twipes
Spaces Oxford Circus

“Twipes are the first truly flushable wet wipe. Our business aims to help eliminate the issue of blocked sewage and plumbing pipes.

“Why did we choose to base our start-up in a coworking space? Spaces offers the kind of flexible working environment that optimises productivity within working hours, and fits working hours around employees’ schedules. Working flexibly means tailoring working hours to fit around meetings, and using workspace near meetings, so that no time is wasted travelling.

“I believe that the future of work will become more flexible, as people will want to adopt this working style for maximum productivity. As cities like London grow, it will become too costly to spend valuable time travelling to and from one location every day. Therefore, flexible workspace like those offered by Regus and Spaces will be more commonly adopted.”

Spaces, Oxford Circus, London


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