Working parents: share your views for a chance to win a smart voice assistant


Working parents: share your views for a chance to win a smart voice assistant

If you’re a working parent, we want to know what you think about flexible working. Take our five-minute survey and you could win your choice of the latest voice assistants


How does your work affect the way you live and parent? Does it deprive you of valuable family time? That’s certainly the case for many British parents. Half spend less than one hour of quality time a day with their children, according to new research(1). The study of 1,500 working parents found eight in 10 are aware that they don’t spend enough time with their children during the average working week, and two-thirds of parents blame the lack of quality time on long working hours.

Juggling work and family time can be a struggle. And where you work can be a key factor. How close are you to your child’s school or crèche? How long would it take you to get home in case of an emergency? Can you get to parents’ evenings on time?

The nature of your job is also key. For some, switching from being fully employed to part-time work is the answer. For others, it’s about changing their working hours, or working remotely some of the time. There are many alternatives.

Flexible working for parents is a growing trend. Most employers now recognise that it makes good business sense to provide flexible working opportunities for their employees. According to a 2017 Regus survey, over one third (35 per cent) of business managers and directors globally plan to allow their teams between one and two days to work remotely this year.

What’s been your experience as a working parent? You may be a first-time father using a flexible workspace after paternity leave, or a mother who needs flexible work to balance family life with career progression. Whatever your job, situation or workplace, tell us which working arrangements help you and which don’t, so we can better understand the issues parents face.

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