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Regus enters Iceland, providing unique flexible workspace

With the dramatic increase in tourism in recent years, Iceland has become one of the hottest spots in Western Europe and a key business player in the region

The significant increase in tourism in recent years has resulted in Iceland becoming an exciting centre in the North Atlantic for entertainment, business and transport across the ocean. With 1.7 million visitors last year and an estimated 35% increase to 2.3 million visitors this year, Iceland is already a thriving tourist destination.

The capital Reykjavik has also achieved great success with music, film, fashion and food festivals that have drawn visitors from across the world, including frequent attendance from global media. Coupled with its solid infrastructure and high tech society, Iceland is fertile soil for companies seeking lower overheads combined with fresh and exciting opportunities in a growing market.

In response to this growing demand, Regus, the global workspaces leader, has partnered with Orange Project, Iceland´s leading ready to use office provider, to bring Regus’ network to the country. Local and international individuals and companies can now benefit from Regus’ flexible workspaces in four key locations in Iceland, three in Reykjavik and one in Akureyri, the largest town in the north of the country. A fifth location will open in Kópavogur, the country’s second largest town, later this year.

“We are delighted to have become part of Regus’ global network,” says Tómas Ragnarz, Managing Director and owner of Orange Project. “This will enable us to improve and strengthen our services to our clients as well as to provide foreign businesses with easier access to a variety of flexible offices across Iceland.”

The partnership between Regus and Orange Project also includes the neighbouring countries of Faroe Islands and Greenland. “We regard Iceland as the arctic connection point, a shortcut for America and Europe in the north. For about three years, we have been the frontrunners when it comes to flexible office spaces in Iceland, and by becoming part of Regus, we can take the business forward with even more power and ambition. In addition, there are many exciting opportunities beyond Iceland and across the artic. This is the case with Greenland in particular; rich with natural resources and mining opportunities we anticipate it will become a centre point in the north in the near future.”

Mark Dixon, Chief Executive of Regus, said: “Modern, dynamic businesses need to be able to work where they want and when they want, so I am very excited we are adding Iceland to a growing global network of over 100 countries. Whether you are multi-national or a start-up, more than ever before you need flexibility, agility and the right location to succeed. Now firms in Iceland and visitors to the country can join over two million other members of the Regus business community and enjoy the benefits of being part of our international network, accessing our 3,000 locations globally.”