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Productivity at work: share your views for a chance to win a smart voice assistant

We want to know what makes you more productive in your workspace. Take our five-minute survey and you could win your choice of the latest voice assistants


How does your workspace affect your productivity? There’s plenty of research(1) showing a link between where people work and how effective they are – we want to know about the specific elements that really make the difference.

The office environment itself is key. How much is your productivity affected by noise and light? Do you enjoy having the radio on, or do you prefer silence? Is there such as thing as too quiet? Are you distracted by overly bright lights, or do you bask in a coveted window seat?

What about the other senses? Are you disturbed by strange smells from a shared kitchen before lunch, or do you appreciate the sensory diversion? Perhaps an unsuitable desk chair is ruining your attempts to stay ahead of your deadlines? And what about the temperature – are you too hot, too cold, or just right?

Technology is another big factor. Which deskside apps and gadgets help to boost your output? Do you adopt everything from enterprise messaging systems to wireless headphones and multiple screens? Or do you find a digital detox helps you to stay focused on the task at hand?

And one size clearly won’t fit all, either. Which personal touches do you feel help to boost your productivity? A cheerful pot plant? An aromatherapy spray stashed in your drawer? A completely tidy desk, or a completely messy one?

Whatever your job, situation or place of work, tell us about the elements that help you and the ones that don’t, so we can better understand the issues modern workers face in their workspace.

Take our survey and win a smart voice assistant of your choice

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*Google Home, Amazon Echo, Sonos One or Apple HomePod



(1) https://realbusiness.co.uk/business-growth/2018/04/06/why-the-right-office-space-is-the-forgotten-facilitator-of-productivity/

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