New opening: Regus Maidenhead Concorde Park


New opening: Regus Maidenhead Concorde Park

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When it launches in February 2020, this new Regus Centre is set to become a dynamic new suburban business hub


As the completion of London’s Crossrail project comes ever closer, the new Elizabeth Line will mean trains every five minutes at peak times between the market town of Maidenhead and central London. While this is great news for those commuting to work in the centre of the capital, it also means new opportunities for Maidenhead’s local business community – as it will make it easier than ever to welcome clients and prospects from the Big Smoke. With that in mind, Regus is opening a brand-new flexspace location in Maidenhead’s Concorde Park – a strategic suburban business hub right next to the M4 junction.

Regus Maidenhead Concorde Park is perfect for those that need access to Heathrow, Reading, Marlowe or Henley,” says Natalie Beagle, Area Sales Manager for Regus. “It’s quite centralised, not too far from town but not right in the centre – and there’s quite a lot of building work going on at the minute in Maidenhead with Crossrail, so in terms of noise levels, this is a great location.”

On 27th February, Concorde Park will make its official debut and celebrate with an evening reception. And the launch event is not just for the entrepreneurs and businesses in Maidenhead who’ve moved in. “We’ll invite everyone in the business park and the local community – the general public can come as well,” says Beagle. “We’ve got some big businesses in the area – including GFK and Volvo – so we’re hoping to get to know our neighbours and invite them across for the launch night. It’s about opening our doors to everyone and building some relationships.”

So far, it looks like the community at Concorde Park is shaping up to be a real mixture of solo entrepreneurs and large corporations – all of them looking to benefit from quality office space in Maidenhead in this strategic location. “So far, I’ve met everyone from fishermen looking for office space, to corporate CEOs looking for 100-person workstations, so a real variety!” says Beagle. “I think a key player will also be taxi companies – being so close to the M4, you can jump onto the motorway within a couple minutes and be on the way to London or Heathrow.”

By basing themselves at Regus Maidenhead Concorde Park, companies in Maidenhead can enjoy newly built workspace in the heart of this key business park, and choose from an array of set-ups. “It’s an existing building that’s been completely gutted,” says Beagle. “We’ve got the whole of the first floor, it’s going to be about 300 desks, and we’ll offer three meeting rooms in Maidenhead. We’ve got two eight-person meeting rooms and a four-person one, all with natural daylight. There’s quite an extensive business lounge as well, with soft seating and furnishings, a kitchen and break-out area where Regus members can have their breakfast or lunch, which gives a nice communal feel, so people can grab a coffee and get to know other people in the building.”

Another handy feature is the free shuttle bus that will run from Concorde Park to Maidenhead train station everyone morning, lunchtime and afternoon for a couple of hours, every ten to 20 minutes. This is a perk not only for members hosting clients who are travelling in by rail, but also for those using the Regus Centre who want easy access to the centre of Maidenhead. “For those coming in from London by train, it’s a free service, and then the added bonus is that it goes into the town centre outside our other Regus buildings in Maidenhead – so if members want to pop to the shops on their lunch break, it’s a great benefit,” says Beagle.

Recent research from Development Economics commissioned by Regus revealed the socioeconomic impact of opening flexspace locations in suburbs and outside of city centres. It forecast that flexspace will contribute £196bn to smaller towns, cities and suburbs over the next 10 years, and highlighted the positive impact the sector brings in terms of job creation and income for local businesses thanks to members of flexspace locations using local goods and services.

Regus Maidenhead Concorde Park is a classic example of how a strategically placed flexspace location not only bolsters a local economy but empowers people to work closer to where they actually live. “I think a few years ago everybody wanted to work from home, but now people have come to the conclusion it’s not a substantial way of working,” says Beagle. “Instead, they like to be in a place with other like-minded people where they can bounce ideas off each other, or have some quiet time away from their children to get their head down and work. I think the idea of working in a professional environment that’s not far from home, where they have that community – it gives people the confidence and reassurance they can achieve what they want to achieve.”


Take a tour of our new Maidenhead location before we open for business in February