Make the most of International Stress Awareness Week with Regus


Make the most of International Stress Awareness Week with Regus

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Make the move to a flexible office to increase wellbeing in the workplace


There’s no getting around it: modern life is busy and the demands on our time are never-ending. And sometimes it feels like there’s constant pressure to do more with less of it. The rush to get the kids to school on time, the traffic-clogged commute to the office, the half-finished presentation – followed by the late arrival and a meeting room of frowning faces, studiously tapping away on laptops and smartphones as they wait. We’ve all been there. Trying to maintain that work and life balance is a perennial struggle in the 21st century, and one of the biggest contributing factors to workplace stress.

The International Stress Management Association (ISMA) recognises the challenges of modern life, and has designated 4th-8th November as International Stress Awareness Week to raise awareness of this growing problem. “Our aim is to keep stress, mental health and wellbeing high on the national agenda,” states Carole Spiers, chair of ISMA in the UK. This year’s theme is “Resilience: the power to succeed!” and the thinking behind it comes from a practical point of view as well as the need to consider personal feelings. It’s about pausing to think through the ways that work best for our wellbeing: what new coping strategies can we introduce to our professional and home lives – and how will these strategies help to alleviate stress?

Since work is a key driver of stress in professionals worldwide, it makes sense to consider how, when and where we do it. As increasing numbers of people work outside the office for at least some of the time (the latest IWG Global Workplace Survey found that 50% of employees globally are working outside of their main headquarters for at least 2.5 days a week), it’s high time to reconsider that commute. Thanks to the Fourth Industrial Revolution – otherwise known as cloud computing and superfast Wi-Fi – there’s often no longer any need for a workforce to travel to a fixed location in order to perform their duties. The file-sharing and project-management software that’s been developed as a result of greater connectivity has seen to that – and proven that teams can work from almost anywhere.  

It has also given rise to the concept of flexible working, which is having a dramatic positive effect on employee wellbeing. Empowering someone by giving them the option to choose where they work, and allowing them to adapt their hours to suit their needs, is not only good for blood pressure but also for productivity, according to a study in the Harvard Business Review. This is where flexible office space, or coworking, can help. A pleasant environment that’s closer to home – so you can pick the kids up from school – and that also includes the business equipment you need to operate to the best of your abilities, is a good solution when it comes to lowering stress levels (and increasing work satisfaction).

As the the world’s largest provider of serviced offices and flexible workspace, Regus is here to help. With a large portfolio of products and a fast-growing network of locations worldwide, the options to work your way are ever-growing. Perhaps there’s a location between home and the kids’ school where you can spend a few hours. Whether it’s a desk for a day or a meeting room for an hour, it’s all available to book online. And the added benefit of sharing the space with fellow flexworkers (and perhaps a few colleagues) makes for a friendly atmosphere that rewards connecting and collaboration.

So the next time you’re stuck in that traffic jam, waiting for the lights to change, give it some thought. Closer to loved ones. More relaxed and more productive. Empowered by doing things your way. And stress-free.


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