CIAB Febraba in Sao Paulo


Importance of disaster planning to be showcased at CIAB Febraba in Sao Paulo

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This June will see Regus attend the largest IT congress in Latin America, where the importance of having a backup in place should the worst happen will be at the top of the agenda


While Latin America is undoubtedly a beautiful part of the world with a thriving and entrepreneurial business culture, it has also seen more than its fair share of natural disasters in recent years.

A quarter of all major earthquakes ever recorded have taken place in South America, while at the other end of the continent, Central America experiences tropical storms on an annual basis.

For companies in this part of the world, having access to a disaster recovery space that enables them to overcome business continuity challenges such as loss of power, server disruptions and building damage can be key to their very survival.

It’s this message which will be central when Regus attends CIAB Febraba on June 14 in Sao Paulo, the biggest IT and digital congress for the financial sector in Latin America.

Featuring an array of tech, cyber security and fintech companies, a field for whom things such as web access and communications are paramount to staying in business, disaster planning is something that will be of particular concern.  

Gilberto Tiburcio, Regus’ Director of Workplace Recovery Solutions LATAM, will be heading up Regus’ presence at the event. He’ll be right at home surrounded by representatives of the IT and tech industry too.  

Gilberto said: “CIAB is the largest and most important congress of information technology and digital for the financial industry in Brazil. This year the theme is “connected with the customer”.

Two Latin American men having a conversation

 He added: “At CIAB, we will have a real coworking place, we will have a space available where people could find a special place to work. I mean, work as if they were in your own office.”

With more than 45 years of experience in IT, Tiburcio has spent more than ten years in disaster recovery.

The Disaster Recovery Space service is all about creating that crucial safety net, so that if things go wrong – for whatever reason – a company can remain functioning, easily being able to redeploy staff to fully-functioning Regus sites, where their operations can continue without skipping a beat.

The service is fully flexible, so rather than have one predetermined recovery site, depending on the crisis, Regus will work with the client to determine a suitable recovery site.

With 148 recovery sites available throughout Latin America, this means clients can relocate close to the original office, close to a more productive workplace, nearer to home, or – if needed – much further away if the crisis is impacting a wider area.

“We have 65 sites in Brazil and are located in ten states across the country. We have the largest network of recovery sites and we are the only providers located in ten states,” says Tiburcio.

“In Latin America we are located in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Republic Dominica, Costa Rica and Venezuela.”

Since 1990, CIAB has become one of the biggest and most important IT conferences for the financial sector. Last year it attracted 23,000 visitors including CEOs from major banks, policymakers, start-ups and industry experts, and is something Tiburcio and his team are hugely excited about.

 “We really want to increase our share in the finance industry, and make it clear how Regus can support the customer.

“For me this type of event is fantastic, making the customer aware of our portfolio, and showing how Regus can add value to their business.”


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