Impact of flexible workspace on personal branding


Impact of flexible workspace on personal branding

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Being part of a cutting-edge co-working community can enhance the way your business is perceived by customers


Making the move from running a business out of your home to setting up in a shared office feels like a big step. Weighing up whether to make the leap or not generally comes down to whether you have the capital to justify something that seems like an extravagance (when you’re managing perfectly fine with your laptop and the storage space in your garage, thank you very much).

However, when you contemplate the value-adds of making the transition – more boundaries between home and work, more social interaction – an often overlooked one is the boost it can give your company’s personal branding. There may be facets of your business that you hadn’t thought were in need of a more professional makeover. And, by finding the solution in flexspace, you could start to see some surprisingly positive results in the way your company is perceived by others.

Flexible workspace – or flexspace – offers a more accessible, intuitive way of leasing office space than a traditional set-up. Co-working hubs fall under the same umbrella, and flexspace usually contains a co-working element like a communal desk space or areas set-up for small teams and start-ups. But flexspace brands like Regus also offer private interview rooms and exclusive office space to businesses.

And, unlike conventional office space, it allows you to easily increase or decrease the amount of space you’re hiring as your business evolves, and opt for a shorter lease (rather than getting locked into a 10-year contract, which is unsurprisingly off-putting to fledgling business-owners). For many people, moving into flexspace plays an important part in not only growing their company, but their company’s brand.

For starters, there’s the fact that it gives you a physical professional set-up (rather than your living room). With Regus, this means a reception area – manned by trained staff, who are there to help create a positive first impression of your company the moment a client or potential employee walks through the door. They can then wait in a professional, well-kept environment, with staff on hand to help them and offer refreshments – rather than you rushing in to a crammed, noisy coffee shop and apologising for keeping them waiting.

There’re also the on-site meeting facilities. If a crucial business encounter takes place on your own turf, in a space where you have the peace of mind that the environment will create the right impression, you’ll feel more confident in getting the outcome you want. Having a flexible office base means you’ll have access to interview rooms that set a far more professional tone. With soundproofing, high-speed wifi and sophisticated interiors, Regus’s interview rooms are equipped for seamless meetings.

For a truly high-end first impression, Signature by Regus offers five-star hotel-quality flexible office space in iconic places and buildings around the world. Locations include London’s Pall Mall and Paris’s Place Vendome. Depending on your industry, and the kind of clients you work with, investing in luxurious workspace in a wow-factor location could be a sage business move.

Consider also the service element of flexible workspaces. If the printer breaks, it will be fixed for you promptly. Cleaning and maintenance are taken care of. There’s an endless supply of coffee. But, more importantly for your company’s personal branding, are services like Regus’s Virtual Office packages. Not only can you opt to make a Regus Centre your official address for business correspondence and your mail, a local phone number and even an app for your company – there’s the option to enlist the help of trained Regus staff who can answer and handle your company’s calls. This is especially important when expanding your company into new regions or countries. Having a base in a prime location, with a local phone number and staff that speak the language, is a highly valuable asset.

Regus members can make use of 3,000 locations all over the world. If you’re meeting a client in a new city, you can use the Regus app to pre-book a private meeting room at a conveniently located Regus Centre – be it at the airport before your client flies home, or around the corner from their last appointment.

Rather than the one-size-fits-all approach that comes with conventional office space, flexible office space brings new opportunities for putting a best foot forward in the way you present your company to clients. Projecting an image of innovation and quality is that much easier when you have an established flexspace your business can call home. It makes success more accessible.


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