How to create happy teams – wherever they are


How to create happy teams – wherever they are

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Remote working has re-engineered the professional landscape, so beware the bugbears and prepare for productivity


As workers around the world have discovered, the advent of cloud computing, sophisticated software and lighter laptops has meant that jobs can often be done from anywhere with an internet connection. It’s something that Virgin impresario Richard Branson, who mostly works from home, wholeheartedly agrees with: “In 30 years’ time, as technology moves forward even further, people are going to look back and wonder why offices ever existed,” he states. But while the ability to work your way comes with many advantages, it also brings a few potential pitfalls that are worth thinking about to get the most from your day. If you’re managing a team and you want to help them thrive, here are some tips for working remotely.

Sculpt a schedule

The benefit of being your own boss means you can divide the day your way – but it’s important to be ruthless with your timing if you don’t want it to run away with you. It’s all too easy to let housework and personal errands encroach on the working day, so carve sections of it up into specific tasks that leave no room for anything else. Find a dedicated space in which to do your work, and don’t deviate from it. Buffer’s State of Remote Work 2019 report discovered that 22% of workers found unplugging for the day to be the biggest problem with remote working – so bear that in mind if you find yourself checking emails from the sofa. 

Trust in tech

From login details to software permissions, make sure you have everything you need to hand to start your working day – before you start your working day. There’s nothing more annoying than settling down for a period of deep concentration, only to spend the next hour fiddling with access to the files and systems you need to get things done. Stay in touch by keeping your phone at hand in case a colleague needs to contact you, and when team meetings are on the agenda opt for video-conferencing over voice calls to maintain that sense of camaraderie and connectivity.

Avoid being alone

One of the biggest issues for remote workers is loneliness. Although a quiet, uninterrupted morning can be a fruitful one, studies have shown that work productivity tends to flag when we’re left to our own devices for too long. As the world’s largest office space-provider, Regus has 3,500 locations ranging from city centre to Swiss village (yes, really) available to rent by the hour, day, week or month. Whether you want to drop in for part of the day or bed in and make full use of the facilities, a buzzy atmosphere people by likeminded individuals can work wonders for morale – and also makes for a welcome meeting point when team members need to get together. It’s likely that offices will still exist in 30 years’ time, just not the type that Branson’s talking about.


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