A fresh collaboration with Gympass will enable more new year's resolutions in 2020 to be kept


A fresh collaboration with Gympass will enable more new year’s resolutions in 2020 to be kept

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IWG has partnered with Gympass to offer UK-based Regus members even more flexibility with an exclusively priced membership to 2,200 gyms across the country


After over-indulging during the festive season, many of us enter the new year armed with a whole heap of good intentions, only for them to quietly disappear by the start of February. But by providing solutions to make it even easier to keep fit and healthy at work, Regus members and employees now have a good chance of actually keeping to their new year’s resolutions in 2020.

This year, IWG has partnered with Gympass, a leading international fitness membership company , to offer all UK-based Regus customers and staff vastly reduced / affordable gym membership rates. As a Gympass member you will have access to more than 2,200 gyms, studios and fitness centres, not to mention thousands of classes from High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) to Pilates, in hundreds of towns and cities across the country.

“The partnership with Gympass is all about making employees lives simpler,” says Michael Holmes, Group Commercial Director at IWG. “By providing access to multiple facilities all around the world, at a fraction of the cost of a regular membership, it helps to make keeping active easy, regardless of time constraints or location.”

There are many proven benefits to keeping fit for work, from reducing stress and anxiety and improving mental capacity to lowering the chance of illness. Companies also gain from having a fitter and healthier workforce, with benefits including reduced absenteeism and lower healthcare costs, so incorporating healthier living into any business plan is an all-round win-win situation.

As the world’s largest provider of serviced offices and flexible-workspace solutions, Regus has become a driving force in the movement towards a better work/life balance. A survey by IWG found that 70% of global employees now work remotely every week, and more than 50% do so for at least half of the week. In addition to this, flexibility in the workplace is fast becoming a key requirement for attracting and, more importantly, retaining new talent.

By enabling employees to work where, when and how they want, the improved work/life balance actually increases productivity and often results in a much happier, healthier workforce. It’s worth remembering that a third of our life is spent at work, so it’s more important than ever to be happy in our jobs.

As a result of this movement, businesses in towns and cities across the UK are seeing a massive spike in demand for flexible-working practices as people search for the Holy Grail of a better work/life balance. In addition, companies choosing flexible-office space over a more traditional set-up means that they can scale up or down as their business needs dictate.

As the trend for flexible working continues to rocket, the new Gympass offer means that Regus members can benefit from increased flexibility in a different way. Whether it’s HIIT, weight-lifting, yoga or Pilates, a Gympass-registered gym will have a class nearby to suit your needs and timetable. A single monthly membership can also offer access to more than 52,000 locations across the US, Europe, and Latin America, so keeping fit and healthy in 2020 has become as easy as turning up for work. Well, almost.

All IWG employees and customers are now able to access the Gympass platform from £11.99 a month – just another of the many bonuses of a Regus plan. Add in the flexibility to scale your business up or down whenever you like, and a worldwide community of 2.5m members, and Regus enables even more connections, collaborations and new opportunities both in and out of the office.


To find out more about the Gympass offer for Regus members or to book a free seven-day trial, click here