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10 reasons why every business should consider coworking

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Even today, coworking is a continuing trend as it influences many businesses to change how they work. Whether you choose to hot desk or opt for a dedicated desk that’s only for you to use, the flexible way of working can put your business on the map and create opportunities to form new business relations.

It’s the sense of being part of a larger community that truly sets coworking apart from simply going to the office every day.

Have you considered coworking for your business yet? These 10 advantages may help to seal the deal.

1. Team

We believe any team’s dynamic is positively influenced by working in the same space together. Rather than being shut off from colleagues through a cubicle, separate office space or simply finding yourself isolated in the building, coworking puts you right at the heart of the team’s decision-making and work process.

If there are safety concerns, you can add floorspace to increase the distance between workers, or check out what we’ve done in response to COVID-19. Adding more safety options is also possible.

2. Choice

Unlike a conventional office, a coworking membership lets you choose thousands of locations around the world to work from every day. All you need to have in place is the right digital infrastructure so you can get started immediately after you open up your laptop.

3. Variety

A change of scenery can help boost a team’s creativity, productivity and overall willingness to perform. Switching up from a city centre location on the days where a large-scale team meeting is needed, to a suburban office to work closer to home for those days where a face-to-face isn’t a priority, may prove ideal for keeping a team motivated. It also leaves more room for individual work and the freedom to choose the right workspace for the job at hand.

4. Flexibility

Coworking can be scaled to your business needs more easily than a conventional office, and with an economy in flux, having that peace of mind is priceless. Having access to a membership plan which lets teams enjoy the benefits of having a professional workspace per use, prevents the downsides of incorrect scaling and helps mitigate an unpredictable future.

5. Network

Coworking provides great opportunities for finding new business partners and clients. In fact, we literally design our spaces to safely facilitate collaborations. And when you find yourself surrounded by a thriving community of like-minded professionals, networking is as easy as starting a conversation.

6. Work-life balance

Work closer to home and have more time to do what you love with our vast network of workspaces. And with thousands of locations in every city, town and transport hub around the world, anyone is enabled to cut their commute and spend more time doing what really matters.

7. Efficiency

Safely working face-to-face with your colleagues can help you to work more agile, faster, and efficiently. Meet up with colleagues for a brainstorm and find more privacy when you’re ready to get to work.

8. Design

We’ve designed our spaces to promote collaboration and productivity – ideal for working together. And with many different areas available throughout our centres, there’s a layout to support any kind of situation or workstyle.

9. Services

Coworking comes as a full package – high-speed WiFi, cleaning, utilities, and much more comes included. That way, you can focus on your work while we take care of everything else.

Want to learn more about our available services, like professional mail handling and telephone answering? Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

10. Cost

Coworking memberships are fully customisable to your business needs, making it an affordable option for any type of business. Whether you need a place to work by the hour, day, or unlimited days a month, there’s a plan available that’s right for your business.

We offer coworking environments designed for collaboration. Choose your perfect location from thousands around the world and join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals today right here.