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A Regus co-working space is ideal for those requiring maximum flexibility.

Our hot desking solutions in Norfolk are designed for agile working, allowing you to choose between a reserved or unreserved workspace, depending on your needs. A great option for freelancers, start-ups or SMEs, Regus co-working space in Norfolk helps you to maximise productivity.

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About co-working space in Norfolk

We offer a wide range of coworking space in Norfolk, perfect for organisations seeking room for growth without the commitment of a traditional office lease. A shared office space is an affordable solution for those looking to network with like-minded individuals, allowing you to pay only for the desks that you use, while still reaping the benefits of a private office. Such advantages may include access to break-out lounges, a kitchen area and the services of a professional receptionist. You can choose between a permanent workspace in the vicinity, or opt for hot desking with desks allocated on a first come, first served basis, all while knowing that our shared offices will be fully equipped with everything you require to run your business.

Norfolk is a well-connected city of around 247,000 residents located in Virginia. The district enjoys Amtrak rail services, alongside domestic and international flights from nearby Norfolk International Airport, making this hub an ideal location for commerce. It is also a centre for finance, arts and culture, and home to several important cultural institutions, such as the Virginia Symphony, the Virginia Opera, the Virginia Stage Company, Chrysler Museum of Art, the General Douglas MacArthur Memorial and Nauticus, the National Maritime Center, while nearly 100 festivals take place here every year. Moreover, four Fortune 500 companies in various industries are based here, in addition to Eastern Virginia Medical School and its four internationally recognised research institutes.

What’s available

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Desk space whenever you need on a first come, first served basis.

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Your own dedicated desk, with all the benefits of a full-time office in a shared office space.

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