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About office space in Annapolis

Providing continuous support to your organisation, as well as managing your mail and taking calls on your behalf, the on-site admin support available across our office space for rent in Annapolis is unparalleled. When you hire a rental office with Regus, we also understand that flexibility is just as important as good service, which is why we enable your organisation to scale up your office solution whenever you need to, from the individual number of workstations to the sheer square footage. Ideal as satellite offices for an extensive programme of work or just a temporary day office, when you are finished with your serviced office, we let you cancel your plan with just a single month’s notice, keeping you completely in control.

Annapolis is a quaint colonial city with an extensive and rich history. The state capital of Maryland and the home of the United States Naval Academy, it features a commanding maritime industry that not only facilitates the needs of the US Navy, but also regularly attracts tourists and visitors to its sprawling marinas and waterways. With the St John’s Liberals Arts College residing in the vicinity, there is a youthful vibrancy here that lends itself to the local boutiques and eateries that populate the area. There are also reliable travel connections to the wider region available, with US Routes 2 and 50, as well as local Amtrak rail services providing direct links to the nearby economic hubs of Washington and Baltimore.

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Interior offices

Interior offices

A regular Regus office, minus the view; our lowest cost office space.

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Window office

A private office space with a view, available in all our centres.

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