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Choose from over 12 locations in Denver.

A Regus co-working space is ideal for those requiring maximum flexibility.

Our hot desking solutions in Denver are designed for agile working, allowing you to choose between a reserved or unreserved workspace, depending on your needs. A great option for freelancers, start-ups or SMEs, Regus co-working space in Denver helps you to maximise productivity.

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Downtown Phoenix

A hub of culture and entertainment, Downtown Phoenix offers an urban environment with the benefit of its own business district.

Uptown Dallas

Recognised as a commercial hub, Uptown Dallas also benefits from being only 20 minutes from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin serves as the city’s commercial centre and it is also home to several tech companies including Facebook.


The neighbourhood of Eilan in San Antonio offers a mix of luxury apartments and office accommodation while hosting Toyota and CPS Energy.

About co-working space in Denver

Denver’s modern, creative work force makes it a superb location for renting shared office space. A shared workspace allows for a flexible environment for workers and cheaper rental costs for the company. In shared offices, you only pay for the desks you use, meaning there is no wasted space or costs. Coworking allows you to keep an efficient and flexible budget when it comes to desk space. Hot desking is the most flexible coworking option, allowing workers to choose a different desk each day, within a given work space. This eliminates monotony and fosters a free, creative and engaging environment for all.

As the fastest growing city in the USA, Denver is an ideal location for coworking spaces. There is a strong presence of young workers, with millennials making up nearly 25 percent of the population, due to the current infrastructure of the region it is based in many ways around this young workforce, with local funding going to various cultural, creative and scientific facilities across the city. Denver is also increasingly environmentally friendly and has a variety of outdoor and recreational opportunities for nature and health conscious, ensuring you will have plenty to keep you busy during evenings and weekends here.

What’s available

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Desk space whenever you need on a first come, first served basis.

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Your own dedicated desk, with all the benefits of a full-time office in a shared office space.

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