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A Regus co-working space is ideal for those requiring maximum flexibility.

Our hot desking solutions in Welwyn Garden City are designed for agile working, allowing you to choose between a reserved or unreserved workspace, depending on your needs. A great option for freelancers, start-ups or SMEs, Regus co-working space in Welwyn Garden City helps you to maximise productivity.

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Stanmore is a suburb within London’s North West borough of Harrow, connected to the city via the Jubilee Underground line.


Euston serves as one of London’s most reliable transport hubs with its National Rail and Underground stations.

Park Royal

Park Royal is situated within Ealing and is home to the largest business park in the city.

St Pancras

Famed for its rail station, St Pancras connects London to Brussels and Paris via Eurostar services.

About co-working space in Welwyn Garden City

Those seeking to work in a shared office space throughout Welwyn Garden City can take advantage of one of our many agile working desks in a number of prime locations. Hot desking offers you the benefits that come with a full-time workspace, without the long-term commitment. Setting up your own office can be a tedious process, but we have everything you need from utilities to equipment, so you can just show up and get started in one of our shared office spaces. Reap all the benefits of working in a larger office, form professional relationships and only pay for space when you need it.

The second garden city to be founded in England and also one of its first new towns, Welwyn Garden City is an inter-war development. Locals have been provided with plenty of green spaces throughout the residential, industrial and agricultural areas, helping the town to avoid the issues including congestion and overcrowding. Business and commerce is a main focus of this region and it still attracts plenty of business activity. It is home to HSBC’s high security global data centre and one of Tesco’s head offices, along with numerous other companies, such as Xerox. The main railway hub also offers direct services to Kings Cross Station in London, just 40 minutes away.

What’s available

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Desk space whenever you need on a first come, first served basis.

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Your own dedicated desk, with all the benefits of a full-time office in a shared office space.

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