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A Regus co-working space is ideal for those requiring maximum flexibility.

Our hot desking solutions in Havant are designed for agile working, allowing you to choose between a reserved or unreserved workspace, depending on your needs. A great option for freelancers, start-ups or SMEs, Regus co-working space in Havant helps you to maximise productivity.

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About co-working space in Havant

With its thriving commerce community and an enviable location in south east Hampshire, Havant has the potential to be the ideal town to rent coworking space. Whether you require nothing more than shared office space on flexible terms or your agile working teams need other services, such as hot desking, we have a range of solutions. Our shared office space is IT ready and fully equipped with high-speed Internet, WiFi. Our turn up and plug in approach is the perfect agile working solution for a single employee, groups and project teams alike. Whatever position you hold in your company or organisation, our hourly coworking space allow you to enjoy working from a professional and comfortable office environment.

Havant in south-east Hampshire provides an affluent and convenient location for companies that require a shared office or coworking space. It is a part of the greater Portsmouth economic area, which is home to over 4,000 commercial enterprises and a thriving local commerce community. It is likely that some of the region’s success can be accredited to Havant’s strategic location and its transport links with the other major towns, such as Chichester, Brighton, Portsmouth and London itself. With Gatwick Airport just over an hour away by train and the county’s scenic coastline easily accessible, it is hardly surprising that the town attracts significant revenue from tourism. Falling within the greater economic area south of London, Havant has much to offer all industry sectors that need to make use of coworking space and flexible office rentals.

What’s available

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Unreserved co-working (hot-desking)

Desk space whenever you need on a first come, first served basis.

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Reserved co-working (permanent desk)

Your own dedicated desk, with all the benefits of a full-time office in a shared office space.

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