Businessworld for Start-ups

Businessworld membership gives you somewhere to work wherever and whenever you need it. 

You get immediate use of business lounges and office space worldwide, providing a totally flexible and effective way to work.

Regus Business Lounge for Start-ups, Cambridge Cambourne

Work your way... 1,800 locations, 600 cities and 100 countries

Businessworld is our exclusive membership scheme offering four levels of service.

We'll give you access to our business lounges, or you can get shared or private office space too, if you need it.

Hold meetings, print, email and more in professional surroundings and with business support from our centre teams; stay productive wherever you are.

Speak to one of our Businessworld Advisors for more details on 0844 292 0280 or

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  • Locations in major cities, business parks, airports and transport centres
  • Discounts on meeting rooms and video communications
  • Print / scan / photocopy facilities
  • FREE Wi-Fi

Businessworld membership levels offering

  • Discounts
  • Access to our lounges worldwide
  • Dedicated office space
  • Unlimited office days

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