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    Monetise the £125bn meetings market

    Welcome to the Regus global Online Trading toolkit. You now have at your fingertips the keys to unlock the £125bn meeting rooms market. This is a great opportunity to be involved in opening up the market with your own online booking system…

    Regus has a range of tools to help you monetise this opportunity, from easy to upload directories to more complex API integration, with everything in between. Start referring bookings and earning commission from Day 1.

    Partners Toolkit
    Upload in seconds 
    Upload our global inventory of 2,000 business centres, images, points of interest, centre descriptions and directions (with both latitudes and longitudes). The directory is available in XML format and is updated on a regular basis.
    Monetise your site
    Download our catalogue of Referral buttons and widgets that features both dynamic & static images. A comprehensive range of formats is available, all with full partner code tracking and revenue reporting information.
    Our services, your brand
    Customise your own meeting room and booking site. Tailor our site to your look & feel. Select from four sites: meeting rooms, day offices, campus/hot desk, and video studios. White label sites can be fully tailored in just days.
    Full global inventory
    A full meeting room, video and day office API. Search, reserve, book, amend & cancel functionality. The API is supported by technical staff keen to answer any questions you may have. Review our API: