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How to be productive while commuting

Regus commute advice

Many people fall into the trap of thinking of commuting time as dead time. In fact, you can turn it to your advantage and make it into some of the most productive time of the day. Here are six of …

Welcome to Regus Burwood Place, London – a great new place for flexible working


On 2nd June, the Regus centre that I manage, Burwood Place, opened its doors for flexible working. If you’re looking for a well-equipped and fully supported place to work flexibly in around Mayfair or Edgware Road in the west end …

Is your business location having a negative impact on sales?


Have you ever considered the effect that the location of your business is having on your bottom line? (Photo credit paul bica) Because if you’re not close enough to your customers, then your business location could be costing you sales. …

Why expanding internationally is the way forward for many businesses


If you are looking to expand your business, the smart money says you should be considering exporting your products or services overseas. For the third year running, our worldwide survey has found that more business who are engaged in international …

Three ways to grow your customer base


Businesses are always looking for proven ways to expand their customer base and help them sell more. Our global perspective at Regus enables us to see what is working for companies around the world. Here are three of the most …

Why you don’t need to worry about new flexible working legislation

Regus Rex House

You may have heard on the news and across social media that the law about flexible work in the UK is changing, but are you ready to take full advantage of the benefits flexible working offers? From 30 June anyone …

How to expand your business


Your business is going along nicely. You’re making a good profit, you’ve got good people, loyal customers, and all the trends in your industry are looking positive. You think you’re ready to grow, but how do you do it? It’s …

Regus launches its 2000th business centre


If you visit the Regus blog on a regular basis you may have seen our post last year about the opening of our 1500th centre in Pune, India. Now we can announce that we have officially opened our 2000th centre …

Where should you locate your business?


In 2002, Bill Gates observed that there would soon be ‘two types of business. Those with an Internet presence and those with no business at all.’ But even in the days of the Internet, the physical location of your business …

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